C.D, M.F.


The agency start-up for start-ups.

What if, instead of agencies pitching for new business, businesses pitched for a new agency?

Introducing WALTER.


First, we created all types of collateral to represent us, got a house and made it into an agency...easy.

Now it was time to spread the word, so we decided to unleash a virus on SXSWi 2013

It spread so quickly that VICE magazine and VW asked us to "infect" their commercial during a SXSW start-up dating game, filmed in front of a live audience of about 1500 people. Here is what they saw:

Once the word spread, over 200 start-ups entered...in 24 hours. They were eager to share their product or service with us. We only had enough time to hear 20. Here are some of their recaps:

So after hours of late night deliberation, we collectively chose Plotter. Here's their recap below:

We worked very hard over 5 days to create a go to market creative strategy for Plotter. Here's an example of the work we created:

After all the media awareness, articles written, tweets hash tagged, facebook posts, and comments posted, we finally come to an end. Here's an extended look at what we did down in Austin.

With the overwhelming success of WALTER, JWT decided that this strategy should be implement across the entire global network, making it a moveable and reusable idea for every festival, event, and agency in the world.