C.D, M.F.


A 220 year Institution has to get the commitments of 18 year olds. Easy enough?

The United States Marine Corps doesn't sell any products or measure by any brand awareness or KPIs. They measure the campaign's success by commitments. Our task was to stay relevant with the new millennial generation while still holding on to the long, prestigious heritage of the USMC.

So how do you speak to young adults without being the old man at the party? 

Few Join, even Fewer say the Oath.

The Marines is the single toughest military branch of the United States, and even the world. The words, "The Few. The Proud." aren't just their tagline, but a filtering tool to only select the best for their institution. 

The only thing harder than joining, is making it to the selected few of the USMC Officers. Only 1000 Marines join every year, and we wanted to capture this moment in their lives at the Oath Recital. 


ADD Content for the ADD Generation.

More than ever, brands use video to connect and communicate with their audiences. When the United States Marine Corps relaunched its YouTube channel, it faced a challenge: engage, entertain, and educate an audience deeply rooted in “like” culture.

Tailored to a generation obsessed with quick clicks, the newly launched channel creates a unique video playlist for each visitor, based on their own likes. Each unique playlist allows users to browse the aspects of the Corps that interest them the most.

With over 11 million views, the Marines' YouTube Channel continues to engage and entertain the next generation of elite warriors


Earn the Title.

No more school visits...

Gone are the days where Marines go to your High School to convince you to "Be a Man!" With new ways to communicate to the younger generation, we had to find a way respond to the various inquiries the Marines received through Social Media.

So we created Ask A Marine, a web series that takes the most starred, liked, and retweeted questions to the Marines on Facebook and Twitter and answers them through interviews from active Marines.