C.D, M.F.


Transforming a brand that promises to Transform Tomorrow.

When Transamerica decided to advertise for the first time in 10 years, it was our task to transform their perception in the marketplace.

First, we had to convert their current direction and bring it into a modern era.

We took their initial print ad of the woman holding her child, and renovated it to show a modern woman who can take care of the finances and be a part of the decision-making in the house, not just appear to be a victim.

Once we gained their confidence, it was our turn to really show what we do by using their iconic pyramid as a symbol of how Transamerica is a gateway to your family's future. 

The Transamerica building in San Francisco is their most recognizable and  revered symbol in the company's history. So what I did was create a visual that shows this symbolic building as a literal curtain to a better future.

Next they wanted to create a new brand extension to attract a young demographic to buy Life Insurance, but how do you get people to buy life insurance when they never think about death? You call it what it really is...Death insurance. 

I worked with an amazing production house out of Chile, Loica, to make these stunning boards that really have a fun, but morbid feeling so that the overall message is understood. 

Once we got some client/internal feedback, the messaging was watered down, but the animations still came out looking beautiful.