C.D, M.F.


What do you do when a client inspires a rap mogul? You set up a camera and hold on for the wild ride.


Before he became a Grammy-nominated rapper, Rick Ross grew up in a rough part of Carol City, Florida. While working at a car wash during his teen years, Ross would go across the street to Checkers to meet up with his friends for a quick, hot meal. And when he made it big years later, he decided he would take his love for Checkers to the next level and buy his own franchise. Or as Ross puts it in his song Buy Back The Block, “I sold a few records, I bought me a Checkers”. 


In fact, he bought the very same Checkers he used to eat at when he was a kid.


But it was bigger than just a single investment. Ross saw it as a way to give back to the community that made him. It’s what inspired the title track to his Buy Back The Block album. 


We worked with production partners to bring Rick Ross’ story to life in a short film and paid content.


After posting the video and articles, the video received XXXX hits, the story was reposted XXXX times, and it was even picked up by the New York Times.