C.D, M.F.


Even though the print ads don't look seemingly that creative, getting this client to understand and push the work further was an amazing feat in itself

To get a sense of where they are, we have to get a sense of where they were. 

Their typical media buy is in trade periodicals and insiders publications. The usual ads were dated and cluttered. 

So I created a book that gave them a new look at where they could go.

The RFI book was so moving to the MEHVAC that they called us in immediately to take on a project.

I simplified their look and gave them something sleek and powerful with moving copy.

These three ads completely transformed their look in the MEHVAC industry. We took a simple assignment from a client that already has an agency, and got their complete confidence for some really cool creative advertising. The size of the business has since tripled and we are poised to win this business as AOR later this year. From the client:

Our H2i Ad (attached) developed by JWT, published in the Feb 17 issue of the ACHR NEWS magazine (post AHR coverage) won an Advertising Excellence award given to the top 10 ads that outscore others in recall and readership.

·         78% of readers recall noticing the ad (highest in commercial A/C category).

·         46% read the ad (only four other ads scored higher)

These are significant stats especially since our ad was on page 33.  I have the report and plaque at my desk.

I believe the ad struck a nice balance between interesting design visuals and concise practical benefit messaging.