C.D, M.F.


Q: How do you get a 100 year old agency to look modern, fresh, and nimble again? 

A: You wash it clean and start over.
From top to bottom.

When JWT Atlanta wanted to revamp their current look, they tapped me to give them direction that would still respect their legacy, but will also bring their look into the new century. 

First, we started with the logo:

To give the staff a dose of this new look and feel, we came up with illustrative components to plaster up as decals around the office:

We also needed to update the agency reel, not only to show updated work, but to also give it a feel that it was edited on a computer, and not physically sliced on betamax in an avid studio. See below:

We also looked at the company's knack for promotional inventions, like the grilled cheese sandwich, as well as the founders love of the nautical life: 

JWT's first logo was the Wise Owl from the Red Book of Advertising, published in 1904. So of course we gave that a fresh rinse:

Once we knew how to represent the agency, we needed to give a fresh look on our agency credential books. We created customized books based on the company/industry we were targeting. Here is some examples of the spreads below: