C.D, M.F.

More saving. More doing.

In 2009, The Home Depot was looking to take their brand into a new direction and update their digital initiative. I was one of the lucky who were an integral part in this successful transition. 

To start, we wanted to execute a new concept that brings the care that The Home Depot puts it in products to life, and to show the support behind our driver, Joey Logano.


When it was time for The Home Depot to have their annual meeting, we knew it was high time for .com to make a lasting impression in front of the owners, board members, and the 5000+ store managers. I took the initiative to approach the CEO and tell him it was time to build a presentation that they will never forget. 

Here's a couple of the boards we made. We wanted the whole presentation to have fluid transitions, and not the standards powerpoint slides like the other presenters. The Staples Center is equipped with 7 independently moving LED screens, which all connect together to create a 76 foot screen. So we made sure we used it to its fullest advantage. Check out some of the boards below:

Here's a video of the presentation. The upfront video was an added piece of content. 

The presentation left such a lasting impression on the board, they increased the budget for our department by 80%. From there we took homedepot.com from a $20 Million deficit, to an annual profit of $1.5 Billion...in four years.