C.D, M.F.


Internet on Fire.

Cartoon Network wanted a blockbuster-style campaign for their original movie about a fire-breathing teenager.

Our strategy was to, literally, blow up the internet. 

We unleashed Firebreather's larger-than-life monster disguised as a perfectly normal YouTube video, making it shake, smoke, and burn to a crisp.

Cartoon Network loved the YouTube takeover so much, they asked us to create one for their homepage during the premier.

But the wild YouTube takeover was just one component of a comprehensive digital campaign. On Facebook, status updates began weeks before the premiere, telling the movie’s back-story while releasing trailers, custom-built games, and propaganda-style posters. Interactive banner ads across the internet let users morph the main character from human to monster while meeting the supporting cast. Finally, a blockbuster-style website housed digital content like wallpapers, avatars, and a quiz, yet had the visual vibrancy to be an experience in and of itself.

Firebreather premiered #1 for the night among all cable and broadcast television networks for all kids and boys demographics. The network’s first-ever CG original movie event attracted 3.7 million viewers ages 2 and up, beating all other television networks by considerable double digits and ranking as the second most-watched telecast of the year among targeted viewers.

The YouTube takeover topped half a million channel views and 340 subscribers during its 10-day flight, becoming the second most-viewed channel by a sponsor in November 2010 and over-delivering by every measurement.

In April 2011 Firebreather’s YouTube takeover received an AiMA award for Most Effective Use of Video.

Here's a timelapse recap of the Firebreather campaign.